E-commerce is that the method of mercantilism and shopping for product and services on the web. The interface software package might be a mobile app or a browser and also the platform might be a mobile device or desktop severally.
Some fashionable e-commerce sites embrace Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and Alibaba.

Products sold-out via e-commerce are varied, like Online Marketing of Transportation Services (rail, bus, air tickets…), online booking of taxi services (Uber, Ola…), marketing of welcome services (hotel space booking or housing rental) and marketing of the pharmaceutical product.
Origin of E-commerce:
As the web began to gain a grip globally within the free domain, folks began to explore the varied ways in which to integrate it into their existence therefore on create it easier.
For example, a businessperson who had to pay regular visits to his or her offshore purchasers needed to avoid wasting on travel prices. So that they needed to use the web to Create Business Proposals to his native and offshore customers within the comfort of their workplace and so obey on a similar interface and modify the client to visualize the order standing on a similar website.
Global Revenue:
In 2013, world e-commerce sales reached an all-time high of USD one Trillion since its beginning. 
E-commerce has become a vital tool for running businesses, be it a startup or an oversized or tiny business. Economists expect the revenue estimates from e-commerce to check a growth of fifty-six Trillion in 2015-2020.